Vinyl Plank

Are you wishing for the class and elegance of natural wood flooring,
but without the expense and ongoing costs?

The modern vinyl planks have all of the design benefits of real hardwood floors and are a great alternative as they are more durable, water resistant, easier to clean and maintain, and never need costly sanding and recoating. Vinyl planking is ideal for installation for any retail fit-outs, from beauty salons to supermarkets and any other areas where you are trying to achieve that wonderful wood look . Vinyl planks do not warp, splinter, split, fade, stain or scratch easily, or support mould and mildew.

From an installation point of view, these plank floors are laid quickly with low-VOC adhesives, easily ramped and do not require the site to be cleared out. Foot traffic is allowable within hours of completion and the planks are easily replaced if damaged by other trades.

Slip ratings and Fire Test results are available to ensure certification. Their durability, outstanding appearance retention and extensive styles and textures, make vinyl plank flooring well worth considering for all high traffic commercial applications.

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